About Us

In 1985, Judy Hatfield founded Equity in a time of financial chaos for Oklahomans.  In the wake of Penn Square Bank’s 1982 failure, she forged on to build a team of professionals that would become one of the best commercial real estate teams in the state, exercising professional ethics and maintaining a focus on the community.

Eric Fleske did not realize he was on the doorstep of a storied career and partnership when shadowing Judy Hatfield while a finance student at the University of Oklahoma.  Eric became a Principal and Co-Owner of Equity Realty in 2006, where he remains dedicated to both his career and his community.

Mark Hyde II joined Equity in January 2006 as well.  In recent years Mark has transitioned into more investment based transactions.

David Lide joined Equity in July 2015 after a 10 year partnership with Matrix Commercial Real Estate.

July 2015 the Equity ownership expanded to include Mark Hyde II and David Lide as partners in addition to existing partners, Judy Hatfield and Eric Fleske.

Equity is a full-service commercial real estate company based in Norman, Oklahoma that offers a variety of services from brokerage and development to leasing and market analysis.  The Equity team seeks out the best options for their clients and remains integral in the development of the Norman and Oklahoma City Metro Area communities.  Several members of the Equity team volunteer for non-profit and state leadership roles, as well as local charities and serve as mentors for up and coming Oklahoma entrepreneurs and professionals.

For the Equity Team, it is more than helping clients with their commercial real estate needs.  It is about doing so with a level of expertise and selflessness.  Equity’s success is rooted in the fairness, proficiency and hard work of its employees as they strive to build stronger communities and brighter futures in Oklahoma and beyond.